Young girl sat on her father's shoulders. Making a gesture representing a pair of glasses with her hands. One of the Five senses

We use all of our senses every day in every activity we undertake. Our senses equip us with the facility to ensure we remain safe from danger and enable us to carry out everyday tasks competently.

This session will equip children with the knowledge and understanding of what the five senses are and how they work. They will also learn what life is like to live without any of the five senses and how we adapt to continue to live a full life.

The children will also have the opportunity to experiment how their own senses work by the use of a practical activity.

Pupils Will:

  • Have an understanding of the body’s five senses.

  • Have an understanding of how the senses work.

  • Have an understanding of how the loss of any of the five senses impacts on life.

  • Have an understanding of how we use our senses to keep ourselves safe.

  • Have the opportunity to experiment the use of the individual senses by use of practical experiments.

Duration:1 hour
Number of delegates:Maximum of 30
Target Group:KS 1

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